FJ-1000 Fuji Relax FIR Sauna


$1,199.00 $895.00

Designed for beauty and wellness
Lose weight, natural detoxification, skin beautify
Easy to install (only 5 minutes)
Without preheating, saving time
No water needed, no herb, no odor
Even distribution
Improve blood circulation
Promote cell regeneration
Speed up metabolism
Promote sweat gland function for a large number of perspiration
Relaxation of the spirit, relieve tension muscle
Burn fat but not to build up lactic acid
Perfect for home use, also can be used with the air conditioning on
Unique ceramic semiconductor technology
Elderly and children can use safely



1. Special shell and the cyclone energy device. Special reflective shell material together with the cyclone energy generator enable the energy to be evenly distributed around the hood; feel like soaking in the hot spring, but you won’t feel the same like soaking the hot spring when your body sweat could not be released and felt awful.

2. Easy to clean, after long term use, the reflector will not be stained and leave any smell, which is different from the traditional warmth of the traditional wood saunas.

3. Special made reflector shell material, no preheat needed, more convenient to use compared to the wooden saunas. Use the FIR 15 minutes every morning to let your body’s qi and blood as if after a long jogging
After work and before bathing, use the FIR for 15 minutes to create the waste exclusion, purify body like a hot bath.

4. The patented energy, automatic temperature control is far infrared ceramic semiconductor, high thermal efficiency and will not cause burning, 100% safe to use.

Relax Energy: What makes it special?

Discovery and mystery
Ceramics, like the porcelain bowl we use to eat, and the pottery we use to boil herbal tea are not conductive. However, the modified ceramic atomic structure adds an electron or reduces an electron around the atom, making it unstable and forming a semiconductor. When the current through the semiconductor, the resistance is large, the voltage decay to release energy, and transform to heat, like an emergency brake, the tire will produce heat, the speed slow down. It’s for the same idea. Because of the universe of any element, when the material absorbs energy, it will converse to other form of energy that is certain. Like the light bulb, LED when they go through electricity converting light and heat.
The history can prove right or wrong. Things can stand the test of time. The Japanese longevity is because they like to bath in hot spring; at the end of the Japanese Warring period, the injured offices and men would be arranged to the spa area of the hot spring for healing. Because there are many minerals and substances in the hot spring, and some which in the absorption of geothermal energy, will be converted into compatible with the human body, the activation of cell “energy”, in the wavelength of 4-14 microns, is so easy to heal the wound, release clotted blood , accelerate recovery of internal injuries and heal the body.
Relax intelligent materials are developed that are not suitable for human body absorption and are not compatible with the human body and accumulate on the skin to remove the bad energy caused by burning, leaving only the energy of 4-14 microns, and made Relax energy the only energy with long time exposure thus not harmful to the body.

An indispensable energy in healthy life
Jogging and brisk walking is a good exercise. It can promote the excretion of sweat glands. Qigong is the unique Chinese health regimen. It can promote the microcirculation of the body.
Far-infrared sauna enables the busy people spend only 15 minutes a day and enjoy the same effect of jogging and practicing Qigong. Far-infrared sauna with special reflective material cover; coupled with the cyclone energy transmitter, with the most convenient and rapid way to create far-infrared energy production and is evenly filled the hood through the body skin into the body.

4-14 micron based energy wavelength easily absorbed by the body and passed into the body, but will not accumulate on the surface of the skin to produce high heat. Even when FIR sauna heated up to 1500W, the skin will not be too hot or burn; it’s absolutely safe. Far-infrared energy goes into our body, through the water molecules, protein and organic molecules resonance, and the energy transferred to the deep cells and internal organs when the energy is sufficient.

Improve blood circulation, metabolism, promote cell regeneration

Relax far-infrared’s unlimited energy, can make the body water sub-group smaller; body water molecules, protein and organic molecules resonance also make blood vessels expand, so that blood flow is smooth to reduce chance of Vascular occlusion.

When the vascular is smooth, blood pressure will not tend to increase; when vascular elasticity is good, chance of vascular cirrhosis is decreased; thus lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

When blood flows smoothly throughout the microvascular throughout the body, making the cells adequate supply of nutrients, improve metabolic efficiency, muscle skin is also full of flexibility, to maintain young characteristics.

The elderly blood circulation is usually poor, accompanied with chronic diseases, is resulting from the nutrients can not reach the cells wastes can not be discharged, resulting in the accelerated aging and death. The long-term accumulation of toxins in the body, coupled with long-term air-conditioning at work, skin vasoconstriction, Nutrients supply can not reach the end of the pores capillary blocked, making the skin pale and loose. When we’re sweating, it can bring out the body waste; so far infrared sauna is what everyone needs. The similar product on the market with good result the price is high and not universal; for those sold at low price, the result is poor. Only Relax far infrared sauna can meet the favor of many consumers, the price is reasonable, and the effect of super.

Far-infrared Sauna is helpful to prevent aging, to beautify skin, body slimming, detoxification, to prevent chronic disease and cancer!

Prevent Aging
Far infrared sauna can make the body of water molecules vibration and refinement happen, so that water molecules flow easily, and to penetrate cells membrane, bring nutrients and oxygen into the cells, and remove wastes inside the cells. In the Warring States period, the Japanese recover their wound by bathing in the hot springs to accelerate healing. This is the best proof of activation of cells.
Far-infrared sauna enabled the systemic vascular expansion, capillary open, help reduce pressure, relax your mind and spirit to look pleasant and radiant.
Far-infrared sauna can also improve the microvascular circulation; remove the accumulation body waste to reduce the burden on the internal organs to reduce related disease.
In the human body pH is about 7.4. Why the human body transformed from the weak alkaline to the elderly and become acidic? Because of the acidic material in the body has not been completely exhausted. Using far infrared sauna, the body toxins and acidic substances can be released through skin; clean the body system to stay healthy and prevent cell aging.

Beautify Skin and Detoxification
Far-infrared sauna is effective to accelerate metabolism, bright and smooth the main conditions of the deep exclusion accumulated in the skin. Deeply remove the body waste, toxins and necrotic cells to bring radiant from inside out. Far-infrared energy improves and removes acne on the face, eczema, psoriasis, and any scar resulted from burns or cuts. Wound will be healing rapidly, diluting the scar. Rough skin will become more solid, flexible; completely improve the quality of the skin.

Those accumulated in the lower skin layer of the cellular layer commonly known as orange peel, is composed of solid fat, water and waste composition. Through the deep perspiration, far-infrared sauna helps to remove these stagnant in the body waste. European beauty experts confirmed that the far-infrared sauna can accelerate the treatment of the honeycomb layer, much more effective compared to the traditional infrared sauna.
Vascular expansion can smooth the blood flow, open pores so that waste completely discharged; no more skin wrinkles, skin color is no longer dull. Cell nutrition is sufficient, muscle and skin filled with elasticity, to maintain the young characteristics.

Lactic acid is one of the causes of tissue aging and fatigue. The use of far infrared sauna is effective to loosen muscle through sweat so that lactic acid is excreted in the body. The use of far infrared sauna can give you’re the same effect as exercising can give you without producing lactic acid and excrete it from the body. Long-term accumulation of lactic acid in the body is the cause of fatigue. Regular use of far infrared sauna can avoid the accumulation of lactic acid and excrete it to prevent muscle aging.

Gravity and excessive water molecules in our body resulted in the muscle, skin and visceral fall; fat accumulation causing waist and abdominal obesity and loose belly. Eye pouches are one of them. The far infrared sauna enables the excess water molecules in our body to excrete, help lose weight and keep the body curve.

Significant Weight Control and Burn Calories
In Guyton's physiological and medical literature mentioned that the discharge of 1 ml of sweat burned 0.568 calories. According to the American Medical Association: “The average body of the mid-size person uses the infrared sauna, can easily drain 500 milliliters of sweat, burn calories about 300 calories, this is equivalent to running 2-3 miles or 5 km). Under the warm effect the calories burned 600,800 calories will not have any side effects. The body weight will resume to normal when water being consumed, but the calories will not.” Far infrared discharges 2 -3 times more sweat compared to the traditional infrared sauna, the high calories burning effect is totally objective. Far-infrared sauna plays a very important role in promoting cardiovascular and health conditions. For those that can not exercise or don’t want to exercise but also to control body weight and stay slim, the use of far infrared sauna daily can bring them the same effect as a long-distance running.

Prevent Chronic Diseases
Modern people sit and eat too much. Lack of exercise has become the main cause of chronic diseases, such as According to such as obesity, overweight, and so on, many people are suffering from chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. The World Health Organization pointed out that in many developed countries, obesity and overweight and other problems has become the first five enemies of health, accounting for 55% of all deaths. On the other hand, WHO experts also point out that developing countries such as India, China and Brazil are also facing problems with urbanized lifestyles and food culture Increased risk of obesity and associated chronic diseases, because obesity can cause cardiovascular disease. Diabetic rheumatoid arthritis and certain cancers can help control weight and provide favorable conditions for blood vessels. Weight control plays an important role in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Prevention of abnormal cell growth
Cell mutation is due to changes in the gene within the cell (DNA). The cause by the change of genes is the main factor in the generation of free radicals. Long time accumulation in the body of harmful substances such as pesticides sprayed in fruits and vegetables, injection of antibiotics in meat, preservatives added to the food and the others produce free radicals. The best way to prevent the daily harmful substances is from the sweat excreted from body. Everyone has the ability of self-healing, but self-healing can only occur when the healthy cells absorb enough nutrients and detoxify. Far-infrared energy can improve blood circulation and supply enough nutrients and oxygen to prevent the growth of abnormal cells, and activate cells

"Detoxify or Die"- full recovery and self-healinglll
Dr. Sherry Rogers, author of the American Environmental Health Authority, in his book Detoxify or Die, describes the degree of pollution that accumulates in the body and explains in detail how to prevent disease And the release of chemical load, she wrote, ".....far infrared sauna compared to any of the traditional sauna is much safer and more suitable for the human body, because the thermal energy can penetrate the skin tissue, stimulate chemical flow through the sweat excreted.” She also wrote that “in the far-infrared spectrum, only 4 to 14 micron far infrared ray is the most secure to the human body, but also is the most important energy to our health and healing effect."

Reduced Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels are so high that it is sticky and hard to flow, resulting in high blood pressure and the inability of the cells to absorb enough nutrients. Long-term blood viscosity can lead to eye disease, kidney disease, heart disease and stroke.

Studies have shown that regular exercise can accelerate cells to turn glucose into energy, thereby reducing blood sugar, and thus known as the "invisible insulin". Regular exercise enables cells with more glucose absorption, lower blood sugar in the blood.

Far infrared Heat is very helpful in burning calories and improving the cardiovascular condition. In addition, far infrared energy can also refine the water molecules and reduce the viscosity of the blood so that blood flow is smooth. Long-term use can improve blood microcirculation (Organs, such as the eye, digestive system and kidneys) and peripheral circulation (head, hands and feet)

Through sweating to reduce uric acid
Uric acid in the joint formation of excessive uric acid crystallization will result in joint inflammation, causing gout pain. Urine supersaturated uric acid will crystallize to form kidney stones and becoming obstruction of the ureter from kidney to the bladder.

Far infrared sauna can drain uric acid in the body that caused by gout. Urea and uric acid can be effectively excreted through the sweat. Far infrared sauna (Study shown that uric acid can also be produced during long-term exercise) is possible to effectively, simply, and comfortably discharge excess uric acid in the body and relieve the burden on the kidneys.
For patients suffering from hyperuricemia or gout, Infrared warming, at the same time, drink plenty of water and eat more alkaline foods (vegetables, bean sprouts, low-sugar fruit), is good for your health.

Vascular movement
Human organs will be degenerated; the same as our blood vessels.
Far infrared sauna makes the whole body blood flow to speed up the deep blood vessels to dilate, training blood vessel elasticity, and exercise blood vessels.
Blood flow acceleration, blood vessel wall will not retain Waste, such as cholesterol, fat and other substances. When these waste is cleared so that the brain will not be blocked to avoid the obstructive stroke.
Vasodilation is helpful for the capillaries movement, and can help to degrade and small blood vessels. In the cold time, in order to keep warm, blood vessels will become smaller (but the human blood flow is at a certain demand), so blood pressure will rise as a result, leading to vascular rupture, causing hemorrhagic Stroke.

Exercise can accelerate blood flow and expansion, to increase the flexibility of blood vessels. But most people do not have the time and perseverance to exercise every day. Occasional exercise will not be effective, because the flexibility of blood vessels needed an everyday training.

Infrared sauna can help blood vessels exercise every day.

Far Infrared Sauna uses powerful energy to penetrate deep into the bone marrow, accelerates blood flow without increasing the burden on the heart and elevates the blood pressure to open up the obstructed part, removes the waste in the blood vessel wall, and opens the body's pores. Through the sweat, clear the waste in the blood vessels, discharge toxins and fat to purify the body.

Far infrared sauna is ready to be used upon open, no need to wait, use day or night. It is an anhydrous hot springs. Energy produced is just the same like hot springs. You can enjoy the hot springs anytime at home.

Q & A
1. Is far infrared ray a radiation? Any side effect?
Far infrared ray is totally different from any other radiation, and it is an essential energy for all living lives. Biological metabolism also emits far infrared ray. Sunlight has biological far infrared rays, but also has a small amount of X-ray, UV and near infrared ray. Long time under the bright sunlight can cause sunburn and peeling skin. Far Infrared sauna with 4-14 microns Far infrared ray is filtered, and is easy to be absorbed by the human body, at the same time rely on water molecules vibration transmitted deep to the bone marrow, so far infrared sauna gives your body compatible energy, and will not bring any side effect (Note: micron = 1 / 1000 mm)

2. My skin won’t be dry or burn?
Only near infrared, UV and other wavelengths less than 3 microns of radiation will do that. Because they stay on human skin; thus lead to serious dry skin, or skin burns in the severe case. 4 -14 micron far-infrared rays will resonate with organic and water molecules and absorbed by the body. The energy transmitted through the circulation to the body, deep to the bone marrow. As a result, it will not cause burns.

Due to perspiration and detoxification are in need of plenty of water. So when use the far infrared sauna, enough water must be consumed to avoid body dehydration.

3. Can I use far infrared sauna every day? How long does it take each time?
Yes, daily use is absolutely fine. Urban people generally do not have the habit of exercise, and far infrared warm can effectively solve this problem. The skin is the body's largest excretory organ. Through far infrared sauna, in just a short 15 minutes program, all daily accumulation of toxins and body acids (waste) from the body will be excreted to keep the body clean. Promote blood circulation, activate cell function and eliminate fatigue, also effectively prevent chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

4. How to clean up the sweat left inside the far infrared sauna? How to clean up? Will sweat produce odor?
Is that simple! The removable pad on the far infrared transmitter is removable and can be cleaned using a wet cloth to wipe the reflective cover. Because of the input of Titania in the ceramic semi-conductor, leave the far infrared sauna on for 2-5 minutes after use (with no one inside) can effectively sterilize and deodorize. (Do not use soap or detergent!)

5. What is the difference between Dr. Fuji far infrared sauna and the regular sauna on the market? Are they the same?

Far infrared sauna doesn’t not needed to preheat before use; all different types of other saunas on the market needed to preheat between 15-30 minutes.

Temperature produced by Far Infrared sauna distributed evenly like the hot spring. Other saunas heat/steam generated is going upwards, so your feet will feel cold; heat is not distributed evenly.

1500W high frequency deep into your body to open up your sweat gland. Other saunas on the market may cause difficult to breath, dry eyes and skin burns; not much effective.

Far infrared sauna is easy to maintain and clean. Other sauna material absorbs sweat, after long time use will smell odor and not easy to clean.

Space saving, foldable; others types are either small felt tight and squeezed or too big and difficult to manage for home us.

6. The use of far-infrared sauna will consume too much power?
Energy consumed is less than the refrigerator or air conditioner use. You spend less than $1 USD for every 15 minutes of use. The whole family can enjoy it to maintain good health.

7. Can I take a bath immediately right after I use the far infrared sauna?
Yes, dry your sweat and take a little rest and can take a bath. Because the energy is absorbed through the molecular resonated deep into the bone marrow, rather than staying on the surface of the skin and burn. When the body is warm, cold air can not enter the body and lead to or cause a cold.

8. Far infrared sauna is so large, it occupies the space! My home area is too small to fit it
The size of the far infrared sauna is not a problem at all! Because it can be folded at any time, very convenient! And family-style far infrared sauna can be enjoyed by men or women, elderly or youth. Health is the most important to the family. The size of it is no longer a problem when it can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is just like the size of a TV, refrigerator, etc.

9. I am very worried about the use of far infrared sauna that my breasts will become smaller, that is, from the C cup into the B cup. Will that happen?
Because female breasts are fat composition, for those that determined to lose weight, when body fat reduced, the body becomes more solid is predictable. Breast cup changes, such as by the C to B is unlikely, the far infrared three warm can help to relax the muscles and breasts become more flexible.

10. Far infrared sauna is effective for weight loss?
Natural health diet must be to improve their basal metabolic rate. Repeated in and out of the far-infrared sauna, in the deep warm effect can greatly improve the body's metabolic rate. Coupled with a healthy diet, you can achieve a healthy, but also lasting weight loss function.

11. Why most people need to use the far infrared sauna? Even for those continuously exercise also need to use it?

(1) Chinese medicine: Blood circulation, when the blood circulation is poor (slow flow), will cause clotting phenomenon. This is resulted from lack of exercise .
(2) Continuous movement: In general, the body temperature is too high, the body temperature is too high, the body temperature is too high, (B) to adjust the heartbeat to strengthen the heart muscle and (C) to help the lungs circulation. But the physical movement of the deep cycle of the body, particularly for the various organs and tissues (especially in the heart and brain) of the microcirculation system is of no significant help. Exercise will produce and accumulate lactic acid. Thus still need far infrared sauna to aid to discharge.

12. Far infrared warm weight loss has the effect?
A natural healthy diet must be to improve their basal metabolic rate. Repeated every day in and out of far infrared sauna, under deep warming effect, can greatly improve the body's metabolic rate. With a healthy diet, you can achieve a healthy and lasting weight loss function.

13. "Far infrared sauna can make the muscles more flexible?
Warm energy is helpful to activate the tissue, such as blood vessels (including micro blood vessels) blood and muscle. So frequent use of far infrared sauna can raise blood with oxygen, so that muscle skin becomes dynamic, coupled with the appropriate amount of physical exercise, make the skin ruddy and flexible.

14. Why I have rash after I use the far infrared sauna? Skin is itchy, too!
Rash, itching reaction is only temporary adjustment reaction, which is the detoxification phenomenon. The body of toxins too late to be taken away by the blood circulation so to be taken by the skin. Different people have different reactions depending on the body of toxins. This detoxification reaction is not necessarily shown in the use of 1 or 2 times of the far infrared sauna, perhaps a week, or maybe longer. Not everyone will have this uncomfortable reaction. Just remember, do not scratch your skin. You can try far-infrared irradiation to sterilize itching.

15. I used to suffer from migraine, and the use of the far infrared sauna and irradiation, now it relapsed, so I am very frustrated!
"When circulation is good, pain is no likely to present, while pain is likely to be expected when circulation is poor." In the past, taking drugs do not mean for a full recovery. Drug neuralgia of the message can not communicate, so don’t feel pain. Using far-infrared sauna or irradiation device and its warming effect, improve blood circulation and the activation cell. But pain return is only a matter of time. Patiently and continuously use of the irradiation, when Qi and blood circulation resumed normal, problem is likely to disappear.

16. I will feel dizzy and disoriented when I walk out from the far infrared sauna. Is this normal?
Far infrared energy will make the whole body blood vessels to dilate, but the blood volume remained unchanged. Our brain would temporarily become hypoxia and lead to dizziness. This phenomenon is similar to some people will feel dizzy when exercise. "Be persistent to the daily use can improve the body's hematopoietic function, simply overcome the dizziness of the transient phenomenon. For ischemia or anemia patient, lie down and raise their feet, let the blood flow back can help to improve dizziness.

17. Why I feel hungry when use the far infrared sauna? And also sleepy?
When blood flow increased, metabolism and sweat detoxification process consumes a lot of calories and nutrients; can eliminate fatigue and decompression, so that the body muscles can be relax. At this point, the body needs nutrition intake and some rest. Users will feel hungry and a few hours after also feel like sleepy. Just like those that don’t usually exercise, when they actually start exercising, would feel tired and want to sleep afterwards. After a period of time, when the body nutrition balanced and adjusted, frequently use the far infrared sauna makes people become more dynamic, and can also enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

18. Why use some area of the body feel like burn and painful after use of the far-infrared sauna?
(1) For those area that have the phenomenon of burning or pain produced might be the site that is at poor blood circulation, or injured before.
(2) Another common occurrence that caused the calf swelling, painful could also because the position of the foot backwards too much or use after a long standing on that day resulted in poor blood circulation on the feet. Feet should be placed in between the two Transmitters. If the calf is still red, swollen and painful, before use of the far infrared sauna, use a tapping massager and tap the legs can help the circulation of the calf.

19. Perspiration volume became less and less after use of the far infrared sauna. Does the cold weather matter?
(1)More or less it matter by how much water that you drink. When our body’s water level is low, perspiration would be low; it also matter with the weather. When the skin temperature is low, more energy is needed to open pores.
(2) Although the time may not have perspiration, but the microcirculation is still ongoing, so there’s no need to worry.
(3) It is not recommended to evaluate the effect by perspiration volume. Perspiration is a natural phenomenon if the circulatory system problem is effectively improved.

20. Why sleep time reduced and shorten after the use of infrared far sauna?
After use of the far infrared sauna, the body blood circulation become smooth, so you can get a fully rest when sleep, so sleep time naturally shortened for that reason.

21. After the use of far infrared sauna, the old wound had become tingling?
Far infrared sauna can activate cells, and accelerate the whole healing of the wound. In the whole process of “Shujinhuoxue” is to open up the parts with poor blood circulation. The site of injury is also one of the parts with poor blood circulation. Thus would feel pains and tingling.

22. The daily use of far infrared sauna will affect the male reproductive capacity?
Male reproductive organs are not 24 hours in the manufacture of sperm, so use a short 15 minutes and will not affect the male reproductive capacity. Far infrared sauna temperature is about 70 ℃ (158F) the highest; about 110 ℃ (230F) higher than the traditional wooden oven. The use of time to be up to 30-60 minutes, and it’s more secure.

23. Body fitted with a heart rate regulator or steel and other auxiliary devices can use far infrared sauna?
The auxiliary device surrounded by a layer of muscle. When the far-infrared transmission through the skin into the body, the heat through the blood circulation throughout the body, and will not gather in a fixed point. With the skin sweat, body temperature drop, The temperature of the device to maintain the body can withstand the temperature, the basic principle is not to direct exposure to the auxiliary parts, to avoid direct exposure to the exclusion of energy.

24. Can infrared sauna improve hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression and work pressure, etc.?
(1) Cardiac transport blood: diastolic blood pressure - is responsible for the distribution, systolic blood pressure - responsible for the supply. If the both of them are high in blood pressure, which is hypoxia, will result in increased cardiac load. So the supply of sufficient oxygen can solve the problem and return to normal blood pressure. Take a deep breath when use the far infrared sauna can increase oxygen in the blood.
(2) Others, such as diabetes, depression, dry depression, work pressure, etc. are insufficient blood phenomenon. Through the blood flow for adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients is the fundamental solution to the problem of blood pressure.

25. Renal dialysis, hematoma, rheumatism, joint pain, disc disease, spur, etc. can be improved by far infrared sauna?
(1) Renal glomerular filtration in patients with renal dialysis function deterioration (microcirculation system) can be benefit after a period of use of the far infrared sauna to discharge. For those in a severe case need to be patience and use it for a longer period.
(2) Rheumatoid arthritis patients are mostly the immune system problems. By increasing the blood circulation can strengthen the immune system function.
(3) Joints Pain, disc disease, bone spurs, etc. are mostly caused by muscle stiffness or poor posture. It is recommended to find a qualified Chiropractor for adjustment plus the far infrared warming effect for the best result.

26. Cancer patient and those that are doing chemotherapy, electrotherapy and other treatment can be improved by far infrared sauna?
(1) First of all, we must first have the right concept. The use of far infrared sauna is to strengthen the personal health care (in vivo detoxification) rather than the treatment to the patients. Patient should still be seeking medical help. Only if personal health care is doing a good job, plus the help from medical could be great help.
(2) Cancer cells in order to get more oxygen for the purpose of continuous division of new cells, so if you can provide enough of the Oxygen need, the abnormal proliferation of the situation will be improved.

P.S. Witness of a US guest
From: Karen Russell, M., HHC
Aging research and holistic health consultants
Re: Recommended Far Infrared Sauna
I will always be grateful to the far infrared sauna bringing all the benefits for my health. First of all, please allow me to self-introduction. I am a qualified aging and general health consultant for the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In the pursuit of health and longevity; at the same time, I realized and found that my body’s mercury and lead and other heavy metal volume is seriously high. Although through these recent years I’ve been using Zeolit to reduce the mercury in my body (Zeolit is a small group of natural Anion minerals like a toxin magnet, absorbed body toxin, then excreted it from the body), wearing detoxification shoe mats, taking Chlorophyll(Chlorophyll has the function of cleaning blood, decomposing pesticide and heavy metal in the body), eating more Cilantro (Cilantro is known to have the detoxification effect in Chinese medicine) and taking the DMSA’s detoxification therapy, my body’s heavy metal volume still could not be reduced to the normal standard. My primary medical doctor has told me that using far-infrared sauna to reduce heavy metal in my body. From the beginning I did not adopt this proposal. On the one hand, my house does not have enough space to place the sauna; the other hand, I do not know how to choose a good sauna.

Very occasionally, when I attended an American Institute of Medical Progress (American College for Advancement in Medicine), I asked a medical doctor who was talking about detoxification research about my question for far-infrared sauna. She told me about the clinical application of a far-infrared sauna, which is the far infrared sauna that I’ve been using. Far infrared sauna can be folded into a bag size and can easily put into my small wardrobe. Whenever you want to use, it can be assembled within three minutes to complete. Imagine how excited I was when I learned about that at that time. 

In just a month, I found that not only my body’s heavy metal has dramatically returned to the normal range, the fat cellulite in my thigh, etc. has also been improved. And after a few months and every day use, my skin has also significant improvement. My cellulite has been more than 65-70% improvement, and the skin is no longer dry. It is really amazing!

Because I love food, my weight has been a problem for me. With the far infrared sauna, each time, I can control the use of the length of time to burn 600-1200 calories. In this case, I can burn a lot of fat. This is really a miracle!
Of course, through my natural health survey and research, there is sufficient evidence that most of the diseases are caused by toxins accumulation. Top medical doctors in the field of environmental toxins have also emphasized the effect of eliminating toxins stored in body fat by irradiating far-infrared rays at wavelengths of 4 to 14 microns to induce sweat production. In addition to a little scattered sweat in the past, I’ve never sweat that much like when I’m using far infrared sauna (perhaps this is why my body had accumulated a lot of toxins). I was surprised by the result of far infrared sauna and I loved it. I was not trying to be exaggerated. It really made me sweat like a bull. 4-14 microns far infrared is really the most suitable for the human body. My body fat has dropped from the original 38% to the present 20% of the body. This change is sufficient to prove that before and after the use of the attached photos (no modification). Although in September 2008 I was turning 56 years old, I was told by many people that I look like 40 years old. Based on my current health Condition, I really feel that I am only18.

I used to have knee and back pain problems, and far infrared warmth also help me achieve the soothing effect. This is really deep relaxation. In my "Health Arsenal", there is a wide range of the fight against the pain tools. However, far infrared sauna is the most unique and most important instrument. I will tell my guests that this is really a tool for people who want health and longevity!
I would like to praise your company to have developed such a remarkable product! I can live a day away without the far infrared sauna. If you have any doubts about the quality or effect of the far infrared sauna or the services provided by the company, please use my example as a witness.
Thank you very much!

Heavy Metal Detection Report:
Our staff shared a detoxification case with a Taiwanese doctor and he was very positive that this was impossible. The doctor was the authority in the field of heavy metal detoxification. Heavy metal itself has two (chemical) bonds in the human body, tightly clamp the fat cells, and make heavy metal toxin difficult to be separated from the fat cells!
After learning of our detoxification case, the doctor is very curious about it. Because the doctor is currently using chelation detoxification therapy, is applied to chelate pharmaceuticals to achieve the stripping of heavy metal. However, the result is not very satisfactory, and also lead to some side effects. He has been looking for another more effective and harmless method to achieve the best detoxification effect. If this case is true, that Relax far infrared sauna will be the best detoxification tool.
So he began to study the Relax far infrared detoxification effect and principle of detoxification. He found a mechanic doctor who’s working in the wafer plant to conduct detoxification efficacy. He was very surprised by the test result that after the use of far infrared sauna, sweat, urine levels of heavy metals did increase significantly. This proofed that Relax far infrared sauna really effective in detoxification result.

The detoxification principle of the Relax far infrared sauna:
As heavy metals into the human body will tightly clamped fat cells, it is difficult to be separated and discharged from the body. Study found that Relax far infrared sauna can send a pure 4-14um far infrared energy to create the resonance of the body cells by non-stop vibration to take away heavy metal attached to the fat cells. Just like a person being caught by the crab, he will vigorously rejecting to get rid of the crab. Relax far infrared sauna is in such a physical way to achieve the detoxification effect. In order to achieve the effect of such physical detoxification, firstly the energy must be right (must be pure 4-14um In order to cause cell resonance), and then also adequate strength (1400w force to help throw off the heavy metal attached tightly). Both are indispensable, in order to completely remove the accumulation of heavy metals in the body.


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