Investing a dollar a day can preserve health and longevity for 30 years. Japanese-designed Fuji massage chairs is the best investment a person can make in modern society.

When the pandemic was at its peak, many residents chose to limit their exposure and stay at home, which brought a slew of different physical and psychological implications onto their health. The elderly were the most impacted as they were too worried of being infected.  Constant stress and anxiety leads to a poor mental state, loneliness, insomnia and numerous other health problems. In addition, poor air circulation within their homes, decreased exercise options, and having chronic illnesses significantly decreases the quality-of-life of these residents and produces more harm than good in the long run.

There are many different ways high-end massage chairs can bring benefits to their users. Massage chairs are great at relieving stress, helping the body relax, and increasing immunity which strengthens the body’s ability to sustain its health. Massage chairs are shown to be more beneficial the older we get. Most of our recent customers have been born in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, with an increasingly selection of those that were born in the 90’s. The eldest among them was a customer born in the early 20’s. He has owned our products for over 25 years and has always stayed on top of the latest generation of products. The secret to his longevity has been getting a massage for 30 minutes a day. Our high-end massage chairs utilize the techniques of professional massage masters as if 12 massagers and 24 hands are simultaneously kneading multiple areas of your body. The message chairs primarily use 3D/4D movements which can reach deep tissue and provide users with a complete experience compared to many of competitors on the market. With over 734 different types of complex, intelligent procedures with massage balls that can reach as deep as 12.5 cm, our massage chairs eliminates stiff, deep muscles. It also helps to relieve stress, promotes relaxation and sleep, and produces an auxiliary recovery effect on bad venereal diseases. Many medical institutions such as patient clinics uses our chairs as medical equipment for pain treatment as well as corporations themselves who purchase massage chairs as part of their campaign to promote the well-being of their employees. High-end massage chairs have been shown to greatly reduce stress and muscle soreness which plays a role in reducing work injuries.