(FJ-8500-Black) 4D Rolls-Royce Classic Luxury Model Cyber Relax Massage Chair

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    (FJ-8500-Black) 4D Rolls-Royce Classic Luxury Model Cyber Relax Massage Chair


    Great For A Truly Ergonomic Massage
    L-Track, Zero Gravity, 4D Massage Chair

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    Key Features:
    1. Peace and Quiet
    2. 24 Automatic Programs
    3. Truly Ergonomic L-track
    4. Body Scan Technology
    5. Form-Fitting Adjustability
    6. 4D Deep Massage System
    7. Zero Gravity Sleep System

    The Dr. Fuji FJ-8500 Massage Chair offers 24 auto modes that suit the needs of all customers. Included, is a LED Display that offers the Chair’s full capabilities at the touch of a finger. The Display also includes a “Favorites” button, where you can easily save and select your most-used programs.

    FJ-8500 4D Track seamlessly moves from upright, to zero gravity, to lie-flat, and even inversion. While still allowing the seat, back, and legs to adjust independently. FJ-8500 massage chair can seamlessly execute massage in the zero-gravity position and the lie-flat posture, and also offer exceptional range during back extension movements.

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