(FJ-8600) Fuji Massage Chair Real Hand Feelings

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    (FJ-8600) Fuji Massage Chair Real Hand Feelings


    By precisely scanning the neck, shoulder, waist, and hip parts of the human body, the Fuji-8600 Massage Chair is able to mimic the most human-like massage. It is built with the most advanced S.L FRAME designed to fit the spine line of the human body to reduce the burden on the lower back and provide a tight, and precise massage. There are 24 types of automatic programs that can be selected. Users can select the best massage option according to the body condition and also customize the massage intensity to their liking.
    * This model is sold by our dealer exclusively

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    (SKS-1600) Cyber-Relax S.O FingerTouch™ series Massage Chair Japan-made Fujiiryoki (Display freshen only 4 in stock)


    Display freshen item, only 4 units available. First come first saving plus NY, CA tax S&H

    The Evavo -Fuji SKS1600 FingerTouch™ series Massage Chair features breakthrough technology that provides an amazingly realistic therapeutic massage replicating natural hand movements.
    No wonder we call it your Personal-Masseuse.
    It simulates the actual techniques of professional massage therapists viz: Kneading, Rolling, Percussion Tapping and Air Pulse massage.
    The massage chairs are hand-crafted in Japan by Fuji, who are the market leaders in Japan – the home of Massage Chairs.
    Fuji massage chairs are known globally as the ‘Mercedes Benz of Massage Chairs.

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    (SKS-1650) Cyber-Relax Massage Armchair Japan-made Fujiiryoki (Display freshen only 2 in stock)


    Display freshen item, only 2 units available. First come first saving plus NY, CA tax S&H

    FUJI represents a new step of development of massage armchairs cyber-relax!

    Tremendous set of functions armchair massage:

    • Massage of hands
    • Three-dimensional scanning of specific features of your body
    • 509 types of massage (50 base mechanical, 9 air, 450 combinations)
    • 10 automatic programs, 4 autoprograms volumetric massage
    • Having warmed up seats
    • Vibration of a seat muscles of hips
    • Magnificent combination of mechanical and air massages
      an armchair it is built – in 24 (!!!) air pillows and 5 levels of adjustment of force of influence of air massage
    • In addition to massage muscles function massage stop (each leg influences on 7 air pillows)
      now is accessible
    • Unique in world a mode of a pulsation at air massage
    • Opportunity of a choice of force of massage, speed of influence, width between massage scooters.
    • Convenient control panel with display showing all stages of your massage + timer of stayed time
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    (SKS-1800) Massage Armchair CYBER-RELAX Japan-made Fujiiryoki


    Be convinced, that fruits of our research in creation of COMFORT have crowned grandiose success!
    Still anybody in world did not create so perfect automated massage!

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    (SKS-1850) CYBER-RELAX luxury Massage armchair Japan-made Fujiiryoki


    Want to remove (take off) weariness and a pressure (voltage) of heavy day to restore forces, to test comfort?
    Present comfort is luxury which you presume!
    Plunge into unsurpassed variety of combinations of massage!

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