DMS MINI S6 Deep Muscle Massager Dr. Fuji® Brand

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Dr.Fuji DMS Mini S6 Deep Muscle Massager

The DMS Mini Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) uses percussion mechanical vibrations that reach deep into the muscle tissues to stimulate proprioceptive functions. Much of the muscle pains stem from various condition strains, lactic acid build up, scarred tissues etc. and no other device on the market matches the effectiveness of the Dr.Fuji DMS line.

This DMS S6 is a new generation cordless device focused on athletic wellness. This model also aids in recovery from old tissue injuries such as sprains and strains by accelerating efficient circulation in the injured areas and appropriate stimulation of the healing tissues.
Timing: 10 min smart timing times

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Maximum frequency: ≦60HZ
Amplitude: 10mm
Different Massage Head: 6 kinds of massage head available
Charging Time: 2.5-3h
Battery Life: ≥3h

Display shows: the cumulative number of hits
Weight: about 1.2kg
Internal power supply: 22.2V /2500mAh, real-time power
Main Material: Zinc alloy, ABS, silica gel
Noise Level: ≤60dB
Speed: (the number of strokes per minute) 5 adjustable speed + LED indicator light 1st, 2100 turn 2nd, 2400 turn 3rd, 2700 turn 4th, 3000 turn 5th, 3300 turn

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    Says by Dr. George K. Petruska :
    “In today’s world of outcome assessed care, patient compliance, participation and response is paramount to achieving a favorable outcome…of all the products that I have ever evaluated since I have been in practice…DR.FUJI’s products have “Made me a Believer” and are my products of choice! If you do not take care of your patients someone else will…I truly believe in DR. FUJI’s products and you will too!”

    Says by Dr.Jeffrey Tucker :
    Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) made by Dr. Fuji is an excellent complement and ‘patient pleaser’ compared to all other hand held vibration/percussion devices I’ve tried, especially for fascial dysfunction. Dr. Fuji was able to manufacture a cordless, rechargeable and ergonomically designed hand held instrument. The DMM device comes with 3 separate heads for the applicator and offers options of 1 – 5 energy intensity settings. There are two probable primary effects of the Deep Muscle Massager: Direct reaction to the mechanical stimulation. Indirect stimulation triggering cellular and biochemical processes based on triggering a reactive system. Direct effects may include the following: Normalization of the muscle tone through stimulation of the muscle spindle and the Golgi apparatus of the muscle tendon. Pain overlay based on the gate-control principle (Melzack and Wall) with parallel endorphin release by the stimulation of the skin’s pressure and touch receptors. Stimulation of cellular activity and changes in cell-membrane permeability caused by direct mechanical stress in the cell wall. Increased cellular metabolism due to changes in the membrane permeability, e.g. by opening the glutamate channels. Release of substance P, a neurotransmitter and pain mediator, into the tissue with subsequent
    nerve habituation and with that reduction of the pain threshold. Increased cellular activity. Mechanotransduction i.e. the process of converting physical forces into biochemical signals subsequently integrated into a cellular response (Iqbal and Zaida 2005, Vogel 2006). I specifically use the Deep Muscle Massager (DMM) for postural distortions to increase venous and arterial flow to the tight muscles and reawakening of underactive muscles. The DMM vibration is also likely to increase metabolite transport into the disc to compliment ↑ imbibition, ↑ Glycosaminolycans, ↑ K, Ca, Mg, Fe, and Na nutrient flow in channels between the vertebral end plates and the disc. The new DMM device is more than an assist in breaking up adhesions and scar tissue; it likely offers mechanoreceptor activation around facet joints (type II); and helps pain mediation by blocking the pain-spasm-pain cycle.

    Says by Dr Fuji:
    I’m Dr Fuji , and have over 30 years experience of medical practice pain management in Silicon Valley California, also a promoter, Inventor, developer in Medical and Therapeutic Device Today , I’m bringing a newly developed DR. FUJI DMS pro6 Deep Muscle Stimulator, made by Dr Fuji team. It is an excellent complement and “patient pleaser” compared to all other hand held
    vibration and percussion devices. DR Fuji DMS pro6 is a cordless, rechargeable and ergonomically designed hand held instrument. It is a new generation device using stainless steel titanium metal, made with 3 separate heads for the applicator and 1 to 5 energy intensity
    settings up to 3300turn and 2500mAh, real-time power..tesla’s designated battery and components from Germany, Mechanical Transmission Noise reduction. Indirect stimulation triggering cellular and biochemical processes based on triggering a reactive system. DMS Pro6 is
    an excellent device to be used in all physical therapy clinics, chiropractic offices, hospital rehabilitation, sports trainers, osteopathic physicians, pain management medical doctors, Acupuncturist and massage therapists.
    Dr Fuji DMS pro6 is a millennium dollar value money make device. Increase your practice value and clinic revenues.

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