(DMS PRO6) Deep Muscle Stimulator With Professional Ti Alloy Head Dr. Fuji®

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Dr.Fuji DMS PRO6 Deep Muscle Stimulator with Professional Ti Alloy Head. The DMS Mini Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) uses percussion mechanical vibrations that reach deep into the muscle tissues to stimulate proprioceptive functions. Much of the muscle pains stem from various condition strains, lactic acid build up, scarred tissues etc. and no other device on the market matches the effectiveness of the Dr. Fuji DMS line. This DMS Pro6 is a new generation cordless device focused on athletic wellness. This model also aids in recovery from old tissue injuries such as sprains and strains by accelerating efficient circulation in the injured areas and appropriate stimulation of the healing tissues.


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2 reviews for (DMS PRO6) Deep Muscle Stimulator With Professional Ti Alloy Head Dr. Fuji®

  1. 5 out of 5


    light and powerful, also, comfirtable

  2. 5 out of 5


    Says by Dr.Jeffrey Tucker :
    Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) made by Dr. Fuji is an excellent complement and ‘patient pleaser’ compared to all other hand held vibration/percussion devices I’ve tried, especially for fascial dysfunction. Dr. Fuji was able to manufacture a cordless, rechargeable and ergonomically designed hand held instrument. The DMM device comes with 3 separate heads for the applicator and offers options of 1 – 5 energy intensity settings. There are two probable primary effects of the Deep Muscle Massager: Direct reaction to the mechanical stimulation. Indirect stimulation triggering cellular and biochemical processes based on triggering a reactive system. Direct effects may include the following: Normalization of the muscle tone through stimulation of the muscle spindle and the Golgi apparatus of the muscle tendon. Pain overlay based on the gate-control principle (Melzack and Wall) with parallel endorphin release by the stimulation of the skin’s pressure and touch receptors. Stimulation of cellular activity and changes in cell-membrane permeability caused by direct mechanical stress in the cell wall.

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