Drfuji Deep Muscle Stimulator Massager Pro6


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Dr. Fuji Deep Muscle Massager PRO6-A Massage Gun.


Technology from Germany


Drfuji Deep Muscle Stimulator Massager Pro6

Timing: 10 min smart timing times

Maximum frequency: ≦60HZ

Amplitude: 10mm

Differet Massage Head: Various Ti alloy massage head available

Electric Motor: Professional custom super torque motor

Weight: about 1.6kg

Internal power supply: 22.2V /2500mAh, real-time power

Speed (the number of strokes per minute)
5 adjustable speed + LED indicator light
1st, 2100 turn 2nd, 2400 turn 3rd, 2700 turn
4th, 3000 turn 5th, 3300 turn

Components from Germany

Massage reinvented
Meet the future of effortless whole-body care. Portable Deep Muscle Massage Percussive Therapy is a device for deep muscle and fascia relaxation. Help quickly relieves tension, tightness, and soreness. Our devices use a physician-calibrated combination of frequency and amplitude to ensure the deepest level of muscle
penetration for maximum results. Whether you experience everyday back pain, need your workouts to work even harder, or want relaxation daily, using a DR FUJI PRO 6 is a special kind of magic for your body It’s designed to help you move better, heal faster, and enhance your performance and recovery in minutes. It is
suitable for physical massage after exercise. It can reduce muscle stiffness and pain, alleviate muscle fatigue and accelerate blood circulation to achieve the purpose of improving the health of body soft tissue.

About us
DR FUJI aim is to foster the physical well-being of our customers and to introduce quality products that will benefit each and every single customer’s health. We also strive to help our elite professionals in all industries, such as health care, sports, and technology, so that they may elevate their patient/employee
care and practices to a higher level.

Powered by breakthrough science technology, and over a decade of pioneering research and development, we make the world’s most advanced percussive therapy devices to effectively relieve pain accelerate recovery, and improve performance.


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