FJ-060 Infrared Heating & Kneading Massage Mat


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Portable and practical massage cushion for the home, office, car, and other places. Dr Fuji's FJ-060 Infrared Heating & Kneading Massage Mat provides a deep tissue massage via circular movements by using four massage rollers.

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• Car, home, and office use.
• Can use either sitting or lying down.
• Clockwise/Counterclockwise direction movements.
• Adjustable straps.
• Infrared heating function.

• 4 dual-rotating massage nodes.
• Car adaptable.
• Power: 110 -240v

With its practical size, it is able to massage nearly every part of your body, refreshing you to the fullest as it rids of fatigue, muscle tensions, aches, and stimulates blood circulation!

FJ-058 Portable Massage Cushion

FJ-058 Portable Massage Cushion


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