FJ-088 Cyber Body Slimmer


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Fujiiryoki Dr. Fuji Cyber Body Slimmer Vibration Machine. Now there's is a simpler way to loose those pounds and tone your body. Just ten minutes a day is all it takes when using the Dr. Fuji Cyber-Body Slimmer FJ-088B. There is no need to go and exercise at the gym! Those ten minutes equals the same about of calorie-burning exercises in one hour. As you ride the machine, you are not only loosing weight, but also improving your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Your health will improve and you will be full of energy after every use.

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Fujiiryoki FJ-088 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Vibration Slimmer

Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine similar to Power Plate, Rational streamline design and fashionable colors, 3 LED windows for time, speed and fat-scan; Three programs for slimming with fat-scan function, Satisfy various needs by 20 speed options, Stable running with 120KG due to direct current dynamo, Anti-static and over-current protection

Fujiiryoki Dr. Fuji Cyber Body Slimmer Vibration Machine


  • Tightens and Tones.
  • Reduction of Cellulite.
  • Increases Bone Mineral Mass & Density.
  • Reduces Training Time.
  • Requires Little Effort.
  • Improves Metabolism.
  • Increases Muscle Strength.
  • Lowers Stress Hormones / Increases Seratonin Output.
  • Improves Circulation.
  • Fewer Varicose Veins.
  • Increased Sense of Equilibrium.
  • Decrease in Cellulite.
  • Other Features:
  • Rational streamline design and fashionable colors.
  • 3 LED windows for time, speed, and fat-scan.
  • Three programs for slimming with fat-scan function.
  • Satisfy various needs with 20 speed options.
  • Stable running with 120KG due to direct current dynamo.
  • Anti-static and over-current protection.
  • Achieve wonderful effects by exercising on the CBS.
  • Increase body flexibility.
  • Strengthen organs, tissues, and bones without burden.
  • Increases lymphathic flow.


  • Slimming: As you burn off those unwanted calories, this machine will help you tighten and tone your body, giving you a more healthy and energetic lifestyle.
  • Spurs Blood Circulation and Improves Metabolism: With aging, detrimental problems such as high or low cholesterol, calcium deposits in the veins, high blood pressure, anoxemia, and heart disease will occur in the body. The frequent vibrations from the CBS (Cyber Body Slimmer) increases blood circulation, thus expanding the veins and resolving those health issues.
  • Regulates the Neural System: Improving the conductive ability of nerve cells, this machine regulates the neural system and mitigates neurasthenia.
  • Stimulates Intestines: With the high vibration frequency, this machine will refresh you by stimulating intestines and alleviating constipation by massaging essential points according to the ancient Chinese medical theory.
  • Better Constitution and Enhances Immunity: Keep your mind and body fit without the burden of stress, and have a better constitution while enhancing your immunity.


  • 1-30 Different Working Speeds.
  • 3 Specifically Designed Programs.
  • 3 Digital LED Screens.
  • One indicates the program number, the second screen shows the time elapsed, and the third shows the speed selected.
  • Play your own music while exercising! * Mp3 Not Included.


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