FJ-5500 – Cyber Relax Fuji Massage Chair


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Dr.Fuji Cyber Relax Chair FJ-5500

The Dr.Fuji Cyber Relax Chair FJ-5500 is designed with your comfort as a priority. This model has an easy-to-use remote with 4 automatic modes, each with a specialty. With the full body GPS scan technology and sensors, this massage chair offers an amazing spinal therapeutic massage that covers from the neck to the thighs.The FJ-5500 relieves pains through the 9 different massage types (kneading, knocking, pressing, tapping, knead & knock, rolling, stretch, finger knead, and back rubbing).

To help with blood circulation, the full body airbags stimulates a palm technique that massages the shoulders, waist, calves, and feet. For the feet, this chair adopts the leasing industrial technology, 3 groups of rollers in the sole area, offers a deep massage and stimulate the reflex zones.

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1. 4 Automatic Modes
2. Full-body Scan Technology
3. Lumbar Heat
4. Zero Gravity Option
5. Shoulder Airbags
6. Arm Airbags
7. Seat Airbags
8. Calf Airbags
9. Foot Airbags

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3D massage, 3D sensor spinal check up
L track decompress spinal therapy
Yugo strength
Lumbar traction for back pain
Heat therapy
Foot reflexology roller

Color: Black or Brown


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