(FJ-8300-Brown) Cyber Relax Fuji Massage Chair


FJ-8300 is one of our best-selling models. This model offers up to 10 automatic functions, each with its own specialty. Featuring the bridge position, this chair is able to keep your health in check through a full body stretch. Paired with 42 airbags and a heating option, this chair promotes blood circulation through squeezing your entire body whilst applying warmth.

Unlike the other massage chairs, this model is equipped with hand rollers that help relieve the stress of the hand muscles as a result of daily use. Also, the full length L-track provides deep relaxation from the base of the neck all the way down to your gluten/buttocks.

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1. 10 Automatic Modes
2. Full-body Scan Technology
3. 42 Air Bags
4. V-angle Bridge Position
5. Long S+L Curved Rail
6. 2nd Gen Intelligent Machine
7. Triple Sole & Hand Rollers

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