FJ-8400 The King of Medical Massage Chair


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FJ-8400, The King of the Massage Chairs 

The Dr.Fuji FJ-8400 is the King of Modern Medical Massage Chairs and it holds the place as one of our best-selling and hottest models. Complete with top-of-line features including 8 different automatic modes and an L-Track system that massages down the gluten, this chair has been designed with your comfort in mind. Additionally, its compact shape makes it easy to store and fit within any location in one’s home. 

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1. 8 Preset Automatic Modes
2. Full Length L-track Massage
3. Automated Pressure-point Detector
4.  Zero Gravity Positioning
5.  Heated Lower Back
6.  Removable Backrest and Seat Cushions
7.  Dynamic Squeeze with 42 Air Bags
8.  Easy-to-use Remote Control

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FJ-8400 The King of Medical Massage Chair
FJ-8400 The King of Medical Massage Chair


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