EC-3700 – Cyber Relax Fuji Massage Chair


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日本富士醫療按摩椅 fuji medical massage chair

EC-3700 Dr. Fuji Cyber Relax Massage Chair

The EC-3700 combines all of the unique features from previous Fujiiryoki models and adds many new aspects to create a sensation as if you are being massaged from head to toe. The new motor unit creates a more refined and realistic massage, along with the improved shape of the knead balls that allow for a maximum thrust distance of 100 mm. The combination of mechanical rollers and 35 individual air bags creates the ultimate massage experience that only Fujiiryoki chairs can offer.

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Key Features:

1. Reclining angle of approximately 120-170 degrees
2. Rated time of 30 minutes
3. Neck massage
4. Super Knead
5. Super Tapping
6. Full Body Stretch

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EC 3700 Cyber Relax Massage Chair fujiiryoki


Mechanism massage

Mechanism massage

The combination of Fujiiryoki's Super-Mechanism with two massage balls and air massage makes it possible to provide 734 types of fine massage from the nape to the soles.


Neck massage
The massage balls improve blood circulation around the neck by gripping and stretching the nape.

Super Knead / Super Tapping
The tightness in the trapezius is relieved by providing deep stimulation to the upper part of the shoulders.

Super Back Knead / Super Back Tapping / Buttocks Massage
These functions are effective in soothing the soreness caused by the strain in the back or buttocks, neuralgia and muscle ache.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-2-

Total Body Stretch Massage
The whole body free of constraints thanks to wonders of 'Air Magic'. A feeling of relief for both body and soul. The airbags around the shoulders and calves work in concert to provide a pleasant and soothing stretching massage.
Total Body Stretch Massage.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-4
Twist Massage
The lower back is stretched by the cross & twist action. The air bags located in the area of the chair for the lower back and buttocks independently move from side to side,up and down to provide a 3D massage.It loosens muscles in the lower back and buttocks.
Shoulder Tip Massage
The shoulder tips where tension tends to build and symptoms of stiffness and fatigue appear are softly and gently massaged by the high-capacity double air bags to sooth away the stiffness and fatigue in the neck and shoulders.

Lower Back & Buttocks Massage
The interlocking action of intensive massage to the lower back and air massage to the buttocks makes it possible to provide relief to the lowermost part of the sidebone, which cannot be reached by ordinary massage.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-6
Hand & Arm Massage
There is a concentration of pressure points in the hands and arms. Tension in these points is properly released by two types of massage: Grip and Knead.

Leg Massage
The air bags aid the milking action, which promotes the circulation of blood in the lower body, by repeating compression and release from the lower part of the calves to the upper part of the calves, much like milking a cow.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-7Buttocks Air Massage
Soft air stimulation gently loosens the muscles in the buttocks and the back of the thighs to promote a better blood circulation in the groins.
Sole Massage
The soles are stimulated by air bags imbedded with pressure balls as the feet are firmly held from the heels.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-8Remote Control
Sophisticated functions can be operated simply by using the remote control with easy-to-understand user-friendly operating buttons.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-9Function - Electric Reclining
Find a comfortable, desired position via the easy to use remote control.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-10 pointPerfect Fit Footrest
The new length adjustable footrest, via a 2-step slide mechanism, ensures a massage in a comfortable position even for people of large build.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-11
Removable Back Pad & Pillow The pad and pillow can be removed for easy cleaning.EC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-12

Measurements (Approx): [When ottoman is stored]W750D1,240H1,210(mm) [In reclining position]W750D2,010H780(mm)
Reclining angle (Approx): 120170 degrees
Weight (Approx): 86kg
Voltage: AC110V,120V,220V,230V,240V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption: 115W
Rated time: 30 minutes
EC-3700's Japanese model AS-830 is 220AGBZX00122000 certified for medical device (Managed-Care Device) in Japan.
Color variationEC-3700-Cyber-Relax-Massage-Chair-13


EC-3700-manual. Click to download the PDF file



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