(SKS-1650) Cyber-Relax Massage Armchair Japan-made Fujiiryoki (Display freshen only 2 in stock)


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FUJI represents a new step of development of massage armchairs cyber-relax!

Tremendous set of functions armchair massage:

  • Massage of hands
  • Three-dimensional scanning of specific features of your body
  • 509 types of massage (50 base mechanical, 9 air, 450 combinations)
  • 10 automatic programs, 4 autoprograms volumetric massage
  • Having warmed up seats
  • Vibration of a seat muscles of hips
  • Magnificent combination of mechanical and air massages
    an armchair it is built – in 24 (!!!) air pillows and 5 levels of adjustment of force of influence of air massage
  • In addition to massage muscles function massage stop (each leg influences on 7 air pillows)
    now is accessible
  • Unique in world a mode of a pulsation at air massage
  • Opportunity of a choice of force of massage, speed of influence, width between massage scooters.
  • Convenient control panel with display showing all stages of your massage + timer of stayed time

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Massage armchair Fujiiryoki CYBER-RELAX SKS-1650.

Air a foot
Function Massage armchair CYBER-RELAX !

On a plenty of biologically active points is concentrated. on given points it is made while a foot are fixed in a special support. Stagnation of blood in also are wearily removed by means of air massage by a foot, and blood circulation amplifies.

Massage of hands
Compresses, presses and kneads. Gentle influence of air pillows pushes out weariness from forearms and wrists, delivering to you sensationally pleasant sensations.

Volumetric massage
Three-dimensional massage a combination various massage simulating engineering of massage by fingers used by professional masseurs For first time is applied.

Stretching(dragging out) massage from knees

New technology legs!
Muscles and popliteal muscles it is made due to fixing muscles by air pillows and subsequent moving downwards supports under legs while pillow of sitting raises knees upwards. given technology of massage to strengthen blood circulation in bottom part of a body and removes hypostases in legs.

Vibration of a seat
function a design of sitting of an armchair was added. Continuous and pleasant vibration attracts in a combination with air , improving blood circulation and removing wearily collected in a body.

Three-dimensional Navigating System Original Function armchair massage !
line of a backbone, his(its) condition – at different people are completely various and depend as on general(common) physical condition and special cases. And also loading on a backbone is various in different time of days

We develop Unique Three-dimensional Navigating System of Scanning of a Backbone, Allowing to define(determine) a condition concrete person at present moment and to choose optimal variant of massage adjusted individually for you.

Model massage armchairs cyber-relax: SKS-1650
Sanction to use as medical equipment in Japan: 27Z0878
(the Device is registered on a category MEDICAL EQUIPMENT in Japan)

Nominal time of lumpsum use: 30 minutes
Power consumption: Basic unit 90 W, Device 55 W
Corner of an inclination (.): 120 – 170

Massage armchair sizes:

Support for legs is combined:
76 sm (). x 123 (). x 124 sm ().

Support for legs is as much as possible lifted:
76 sm (). x 196 (). x 76 sm ().

Massage armchair weight: 70 kg


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