(SKS-1850) CYBER-RELAX luxury Massage armchair Japan-made Fujiiryoki


Want to remove (take off) weariness and a pressure (voltage) of heavy day to restore forces, to test comfort?
Present comfort is luxury which you presume!
Plunge into unsurpassed variety of combinations of massage!


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Massage armchair CYBER-RELAX SKS-1850 carries out mechanical, air, pulsing, kinds of massage and even thermal influence – with use of newest technical decisions:

  • Function ” Extreme mechanics “, intended for deeper and strong massage, gives to you a tremendous level of comfort.
  • Three-dimensional scanning of specific features of your body
  • Combined kneading rates for deep influence on all body
  • Effective air massage of all body it Is delightful flexible muscles of basis of a neck
  • Three-dimensional mode of massage
  • Unique set of combinations – 514 kinds of massage (5 extreme kinds, 50 basic kinds of mechanical massage, 9 kinds of air massage, 450 kinds Air – mechanical massage)
  • Massage of shoulders
  • Massage of hands
  • Massage of area of sitting
  • Massage and stop
  • New extension of legs
  • New design of a control panel
  • Heating and vibration of a seat

Combined kneading rates for deep influence on all body
Combined kneading rates for deep influence on all body Combined stimulation according to newest technology of a combination – and – massage. You feel gentle influence, but at any moment may choose optimal force of influence on separate parts of a body. You enjoy a pleasant relaxation while receive personal massage.

Massage of area of a seat
Massage of area of sitting Soft superficial influence as though raising you in air, weakens muscles areas and a back part of hips, improving blood circulation joints.

Massage of shoulders
Massage of shoulders Basic force of influence is put to to points on an external surface of a shoulder that allows to remove(take off) weariness from all humeral zone to lower a pressure(voltage) in cervicobrachial area and to get rid of saved up weariness.

What purpose of massage of shoulders?

Massage of shoulders Within day collects weariness in top part of a body from basis of a neck up to a bottom as this part of a body is frequently insufficiently mobile. By researches it is established, that influence on humeral joints removes weariness and a pressure(voltage) not only from a shoulder, but from all top part of a body.

Massage of hands
Compresses, presses and kneads. Gentle influence of air pillows pushes out weariness from forearms and wrists, delivering to you sensationally pleasant sensations.

Massage stops and Bottom part of a body in which blood frequently stands and collects weariness, is squeezed, clasped and stretched(and dragged out). Such massage supports health of your legs.

Massage stop
stop Kneads Massage and weakens stops on which set points is located, simultaneously improving blood circulation.

Stop it is massed by bottom pillow, it is strong to it(her) lateral pillows

Massage Amplified(strengthened) sipping movements directs blood from bottom part of a body to heart, preventing stagnation of blood and a lymph.

Compression and are built in such sequence that stood too long blood has directed from a bottom upwards.

Stretching(dragging out) massage from knees
Knees, an ankle joint and muscles are massed by stretching(dragging out) movements that improves blood circulation and outflow of a lymph at hypostases.

While caviar and stops are clasped and fixed, hips are pushed out upwards, and then fall downwards, that allows to stretch(drag out) knees and all bottom part of a body.

Effective air massage of all body
Effective air massage of all body Super-power air pump is capable to mass two areas simultaneously. You may take pleasure in more effective massage, for example, if will choose in pair a waist and legs or a back and legs.

Function ” Extreme mechanics ” kneading scooters
Kneading scooters are added with function we with pride we represent you essentially new design: kneading scooters are added with function ” Extreme mechanics “, provide sensationally deep physical influence.

advanced structure of ” artificial hands ” scooters and innovational mechanism of engine have allowed to increase penetration area of massage approximately in 1.3 times in comparison with previous models.

Due to that mechanisms of an armchair are actuated by precision powerful engines controlled by a built – in microcomputer, you may take pleasure in a wide palette of massage from deep and strong up to easy and gentle.

As though you are massed with hands of professional!

control Panel
Control panelcontrol Panel with new design became even more perfect, is more clear and is convenient!

For increase of convenience of management design of board was essentially improved. Now you may operate basic functions of an armchair with help only three buttons.

  • New big -screen of raised(increased) clearness
  • New function “memory” allowing you to create a personal rate of massage.
  • Function ” Fast start “, allowing Immediately to start massage buttons (11 full rates)
  • Convenient function of help
  • Convenient menu with which help easily it is possible to change during massage , speed and other parameters.
  • And many other things for your convenience

In given model of an armchair with shine new opportunity of adjustment is realized. Now position of scooters in basis of a neck can be adjusted not only on height, as in models of previous generations, and in a direction in front back!!! To make it it is especially simple due to new to button .

Thus, mechanical massage in field of basis of a neck becomes even more exact located, you see in a position of scooters now it is taken into account not only growth of user, but also specific features of his(its) bearing. Suffering different degrees of stoop, i.e. a chest department of backbone, using this model, will not feel area of basis of a neck on part of scooters of our armchair.
Three-dimensional Navigating System System of recognition of individual and varying contours of a back.

contour of your backbone is individual and varies within day. Our three-dimensional system of navigation allows to define(determine) a contour of your backbone at present time.

Sitting is supplied with function of vibration. Pleasant gentle vibration in harmony with soft stimulation by means of air massage removes a pressure(voltage) and improves blood circulation in hips and buttocks.
Air massage is more effective in a combination to warming a body.

“Extreme” and bases of a neck
New engineering of mechanical massage, differs deeper and strong influence due to unique mechanical movements. On a degree of weariness, you may choose one of 11 levels of influence.

Deep at deep weariness or a strong pressure(voltage)

Influence with amplified(strengthened) pressure on all area of trapezoid muscles in which pressure(voltage) collects. Such type of massage allows to remove(take off) weariness as in shoulders and area of a waist, and facilitates pains in muscles and a neuralgia. Such rate is especially shown at a syndrome of chronic weariness.

“Extreme” at deep weariness or a pressure(voltage)

Effective influence on uppermost part of a body for removal of a pressure(voltage) in shoulders. sensation is comparable with deep hands of skilled masseur, and this kind of massage as well approaches for removal be sick in a waist, at a neuralgia and .

Shoulders Waist

it Is delightful flexible muscles of basis of a neck

Neckyou receive new sensations from massage by “clever” scooters which, covering a back part of a neck, pleasantly stretch(drag out) her(it). This kind of massage is amazingly effective at a pressure(voltage) in cervicobrachial area. It(he) improves blood circulation, increasing inflow of blood to a brain.

Three-dimensional mode of massage
Three-dimensional influence is high-grade simulates movements by all hand, and not just a brush. Addition of traditional techniques of massage (, etc.) back and forth motions has allowed to create universal three-dimensional engineering, extremely close to movements of hands of professional masseur.

Combined extension

Combined extension Extension with use of a three-dimensional mode includes slow pushes upwards and downwards. It very much reminds pushes hands. Function may be incorporated with , or pulsing massage.

Unique set of combinations of massage
Combination of basic functions (such as air massage, , , extension, etc.) with muscles, back and forth motions of massage scooters and a three-dimensional mode allows to receive 514 kinds of massage.

  • Extreme: 5 kinds
  • Mechanical: 50 basic kinds
  • Air: 9 kinds
  • Air – mechanical: 450 kinds
  • Total 514 kinds

Extreme ( upwards)
Effectively kneads and weakens muscles from top to bottom.

Perfect movements consisting from simultaneous and , remove weariness.

Extreme (downwards)
Well kneads and weakens muscles from top to bottom.

Intense muscles relax from top to bottom.

slow massage reminding gentle grinding by palms.

intense muscles relax from top to bottom.

Removes pressure(voltage) concentrated in separate points.

Rhythmical often removes weariness which has been saved up in muscles.

Masses, stretching(dragging out) a body from below upwards by directed pressing.

Extension of a backbone
(entirely / in part)
on a backbone, stretching(dragging out) it(him).


Model massage armchairs cyber-relax: SKS-1850
Sanction to use as medical equipment in Japan: 27Z0878
(the Device is registered on a category MEDICAL EQUIPMENT in Japan)
Nominal time of lumpsum use: 30 minutes
Power consumption: Basic unit 90 W, massage armchairs cyber-relax Device 55 W
Massage armchairs cyber-relax Corner of an inclination (.): 120 – 170

Massage armchair sizes:
Support for legs is combined:
76 sm (). And *215; 123 (). And *215; 124 sm ().

Support for legs is as much as possible lifted:
76 sm (). And *215; 196 (). And *215; 76 sm ().

Massage armchair weight: 83 kg


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