I practice Pain Management and Rehabilitation in Bergen County, New Jersey. I have 15 years of experience in physical medicine, and I am please to say that I have recently implemented massage chair into my practice. My patients are very pleased with my service and even come back more often to be treated by the Fujiiryoki massage chair. I have had many patients that suffer from herniated discs of the vertebrae and I am still learning the different applications the Fujiiryoki massage chair has to offer. I recently treated a patient who suffered from chronic low back pain and radiating pain going down his legs. He was very depressed and complained of numbness and tingles in his legs and feet, and told me he has had this problem for over twenty years. Within 15 minutes of applying Fujiiryoki massage chair, my patient told me he did not feel any more pain. He was very impressed with my treatment. I have no doubt that Fujiiryoki massage chair is the future for treating disc problems, and I strongly recommend Fujiiryoki massage chair fore anyone who is suffering from herniated discs and muscle spasms in their neck and lower back.

Hong Sik Pak, MD,