I am US Air Force Staff Sergeant Louis J. Bianco and I am a certified master fitness trainer for the past 21 years. I am also a former Army and current Air Force (pt) physical training leader. I am in charge of administering the pt test and working with borderline passing and failing troops to improve their pt scores and ultimately save their careers.

I myself am coming back from numerous injuries. A knee injury due to jumping in the Army and now it is endangering my Air Force Career.

Your cyber body slimmer looks amazing! I saw the FJ-099 at a fitness expo and I tried it for 5 min yesterday and I can't believe how it made my legs feel I feel amazing! No pain at all! I am eager to see how it will help me 5 mins before my workout and 30 mins after my workout. I have been told by physical therapists that my calves and hamstrings are too tight and they put more pressure on knees. After using your product I feel like a million bucks and it's one day later. I would love to do a study to see its benefits over time. I believe your product alone can save my military career!

Louis J. Bianco,