"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent service and support we have received from your organization for Fujiiryoki massage chair. After we purchased the chair we soon learned to enjoy it and looked forward to relaxing in its soothing comfort. We are extremely pleased with the results and consider it to be a valuable part of our lives. When we had owned the chair for a short time the left arm of the chair developed an annoying buzzing and loud vibrating noise that was abnormal. We were afraid that there wouldn't be any warranty service and that it would cost us a considerable amount to have the arm of the chair repaired. To our surprise and delight we were informed that you would totally replace the left arm of the chair at no cost to us. To say that we are pleased with your service and support is an understatement. We highly recommend both your organization and fine product. In fact we have encouraged two of our family members to purchase Fujiiryoki massage chair from you as proof."