"What an incredible find! This year we purchased a full body massage chair. The brand we purchased was Fujiiryoki SKS-1800 massage chair. MS has caused me to have back pain, as well as a lot of muscle stiffness in my legs. This chair has helped me because of its massaging features. This chair will massage you from head to toe, literally! If I follow the product guide, it feels wonderful. I have been out of physical therapy now since late September 2005 and do not feel as if I am going to have to go back anytime soon. This chair has so many different massage features that it will keep me flexible and on the move! When we got the chair I was using it daily and it would put me to sleep. Now, I use it more when I have pain and it takes care of my pain in a matter of just a few minutes. I would encourage anyone with MS to look into a chair like this for a better quality of life with more flexibility."