"I have been working with Ridgefield Imaging for over 3 years as a MRI Technologist. Ridgefield Imaging is very reputable in the community and employs quality personnel and operates with top-notch equipments. About four months ago, Mr. Lee introduced to me Fujiiryoki massage chair. It is quite unique from other massage chair that I have seen. So I took one home for my wife who suffers from neck and shoulder pain and numbness in her arms. Using it for the first time and within 15 minutes of application, her symptoms came down 90%. It was definitely a big relief for my wife. Now she only uses it when it is necessary. It was amazing because she's had several months of therapy and the symptoms were the same, and the first time she tried Fujiiryoki massage chair, her pain had waned down. We compared the images with and without Fujiiryoki massage chair, and noticed significant differences on film for the areas of distress on the vertebrae. Most patients who tried on the Fujiiryoki massage chair told me that they were relieved of their pain and wanted to purchase it for themselves. I have witnessed patients getting relieved of their pain in a matter of minutes after using Fujiiryoki massage chair. This invention can really help many people with their neck and back pain. I highly recommend this product because I have seen the results, very good results."